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tv   Ronan Farrow Daily  MSNBC  November 19, 2014 10:00am-11:01am PST

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we got confirmation at this moment that president obama will be making his immigration announcement tomorrow night. two sources are telling our reporters that the president will make that announcement at 8:00 p.m. followed by a rally with senator harry reid. a live report with all the details in just a minute with chris jansing. and governor cuomo declaring a state of emergency and activating the national guard. this is, of course, as the state reels from a deadly weather emergency. troopers are using all terrain vehicles to search those stretches of interstate 90. these are from a truck driver who says he's been stuck since 1:00 a.m. tuesday. nearly 100 cars are trapped in that stretch, including one owned by a woman named katelyn bataglia. she spoke to a local affiliate this morning. >> we are like sitting ducks.
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we are stuck with 4 feet surrounding the car, front to back, nobody's getting out of their cars, nobody really can. so we're pretty much just sitting here waiting for something they shouldn't. >> look at those pictures. others are stuck inside like this dog here, bonny. sorry about that, bonnie. upstate new york is seeing more snow today, and could see 2 more feet tonight and tomorrow. this is, of course, after a record-breaking 5 feet that fell all around buffalo in the last 24 hours. we'll have a detailed report in a couple of minutes. and farther, heavy security in place in israel one day after the deadliest attack in jerusalem in years. reinforcements between west jerusalem and east jerusalem, the home of the two palestinian attackers. still, worshippers returned to the synagogue. one saying he's turning to faith to get him through this tragedy. >> many families have been affected by the massacre that
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happened yesterday morning. our job is to believe whoever runs the world is the person that created this. and we have to continue to believe what we believe in. >> a heartbreaking cycle of vigilance there. the attack killed four rabbis and a police officer during yesterday's morning prayers. we'll keep an eye on that for you. and news on another force disrupting the middle east. france identifying one of its citizens as the isis fighter who executed an american hostage. the prosecutor in paris says that man is 22-year-old oshard, a convert to islam that authorities have been tracking for years. here's a picture of him. a video released sunday showed him holding the severed head of peter kassig. french authorities estimate 1,600 french nationals are involved with isis right now, including 376 in direct on the battlefield. troubling.
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now to a potentially groundbreaking discovery, happier news on this front. we're in deep space for this story. the lander, remember that, found organic molecules on the surface of the comet. carbon molecules to be exact. the basis for life on this planet. long often believed that comets may have formed in early stages of our solar system. meaning this could shed light on how life evolved here on earth. worked for 60 hours on the surface of the comet, images broadcast there, to complete the main objective successfully in terms of analyzing the environment. it's now been placed into hibernation mode. the space agency is saying it hopes to operate the lander next spring when it begins to receive solar power again. let's drill down on breaking news coming from the white house right now. we just got word moments ago that president obama will make his immigration announcement tomorrow night before taking his message on the road to sell his plan on immigration to the american people.
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his order would apparently expand protections to millions of undocumented migrants, something advocates and key democrats have been urging the president to do. on the other hand, he's also facing a lot of opposition. last hour on msnbc, bob nebramez said house republican forced his hand. >> controlled by republicans to act a year and a half after the senate and a strong bipartisan piece of legislation that is the essence of what your poll indicated people support as a pathway to citizenship that since they have enacted, i think the president should act. and if the american people come to understand that's unusual as evidenced by history, then hopefully that will instigate republicans and the congress who will share both houses to ultimately act on the question of immigration reform. >> nbc news senior white house correspondent chris jansing broke this news for us. she joins us live from the white house where she's following this. chris, the white house isn't
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saying anything formally yet. but we have heard more and more officials. what's the very latest we know? >> yeah, including hhs secretary jay johnson who said just this morning that this was going to happen in the next couple of days and two sources did tell me it's happening tomorrow. this is not a huge surprise because the white house had been indicating that the president didn't feel there was any need to wait. we know that there had been pressure, including harry reid who said let's get this done now. the white house simply doesn't believe that waiting until after some of these other lame duck session issues are settled helps the situation at all. and they've been telling me, white house officials for more than a week now that the president plans to be aggressive. so i think it's important to say, ronan, there are a couple of aspects to this. one, obviously, is a legal aspect. and lawyers in the justice department have been working for a while now to figure out how far do they think the president can go? what is their best advice to
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him? and that's what -- that's some of the information they've been waiting to get, i should say that on the other side of this, the republican lawyers have been getting ready, as well, to do it on the other side. and the other part of this is political about what exactly is going to get done and what the implications of that are. ronan? >> what are you hearing on that front about the substance of this executive action? >> well, talking to immigration officials this morning, they believe that it is going to focus on families. and one likely aspect of it's going to be expanding, you know, deferred action. and that could affect hundreds of thousands of young people. the political aspect of that is it -- democrats believe it's very hard for the republicans to come back and say we're in favor of separating families who are already together here. so they think that's something that can get done. also, watch out for, ronan, what might be happening with some advocates from silicon valley who have been looking for an expansion of some of these work permits for people in highly
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specialized fields who they need. that could be another part of it. but i think the family unification aspect of it is going to be the largest chunk of this and could eventually affect millions of people. >> really reaching a tipping point. thank you so much for that update from the white house. >> thank you. and moments ago, more on this front, the white house launched exclusively on facebook a video announcement from president obama on these immigration plans. we'll take a look at that and much more out of this story. stay with us. also coming up later in this hour, part two of my series from the front lines of this fight. we take a closer look at the use of force by border agents and bhast being done to keep desperate people trying to get into this country alive. back to the state of emergency in upstate new york. five people now confirmed dead in what's being called a once-in-a lifetime snowstorm. the national guard has been activated in buffalo. helping those most at risk and
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then to bail out the 90 cars trapped on the new york throughway. the snow moved in yesterday at a rate of about 4 inches an hour. piling up to 6 feet in some spots. more is coming. the mayor said this this morning. >> it is slow going still in south buffalo. we are making progress, but there's a long way to go. >> among the stories emerging from this storm. the rescue early this morning of the niagara university women's basketball team. they look relieved. they were stranded on that bus for 26 hours. nbc news meteorologist dylan drier reports from new york. >> reporter: here in new york, the sun shiis shining. that's what's so incredible about lake effect snow. we've had a wind shift now and the heaviest snow has pushed off to the north. just by about 35, 40 miles and only about 10 miles wide. the band of heaviest snow. but where the heaviest snow fell yesterday, we are talking about
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feet of snow. 6 feet of snow in some areas. most of that falling in just a 24-hour period. falling at rates at times of up to 4 inches per hour. and it was really in a localized area. >> i've never seen it like that. it was scary. >> this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing. this is something people are going to tell their grand kids and great grand kids about. we have a foot or so of snow on the ground. we are going to see more snow in the forecast. we have a little disturbance that's going to move through later on today that's going to trigger a little bit of snow. and, perhaps, more lake effect snow redevelops into thursday and friday. >> thanks, dylan. nbc's dylan dreyer in the heart of the snow. the keystone pipeline going down in flames in the senate. now, tackle this question. who if anyone is going to pay the political price? the one and only, this is an unexpected one.
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former minnesota governor jesse ventura has a strong answer next. that's ahead. but before we split, take a look at this picture that caught our eye. the shot by tony roberto on his iphone, posted to twitter at 5:40 a.m. this morning. snow piling so high, it reached the windows of houses and covered cars. stay warm, everybody. we're going to be right back. you know how fast you were going? about 55. where you headed at such an appropriate speed? across the country to enhance the nation's most reliable 4g lte network. how's it working for ya? better than ever. how'd you do it? added cell sites. increased capacity. and your point is... so you can download music, games, and directions for the road when you need them. who's this guy? oh that's charlie. you ever put pepper spray on your burrito? i like it spicy but not like uggggh spicy. he always like this? you have no idea. at&t. the nation's most reliable 4g lte network. which means it's time for the volkswagen sign-then-drive event. for practically just your signature, you could drive home for the holidays in a german-engineered volkswagen.
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hi, everybody. tomorrow night, i'll be announcing here from the white house some steps i can take to start fixing our broken immigration system. and then on friday, i'm going to be traveling to the high school in las vegas where two years ago i laid out the principles for comprehensive immigration reform. everybody agrees that our
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immigration system is broken. unfortunately, washington has allowed the problem to fester for too long. and so what i'm going to be laying out is the things i can do with my lawful authority as president to make the system work better even as i continue to work with congress and encourage them to get a bipartisan comprehensive bill that can solve the entire problem. so tune in tomorrow night at 8:00, here from the white house where i'm going to be making this announcement, and then i'll see the high school on friday. thanks, everybody. >> president obama's announcement released moments ago about his actions on immigration reform. due tomorrow night, we'll have coverage of the unveiling. but we'll take a look at the on the ground -- on the border in arizona and it'll be fascinating to look at. i want to look at another area of tension in this country
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right now. in ferguson, we're looking at an interesting spike you might not expect. business booming of one type. gun sales, on whether or not darren wilson will face charges in the fatal shooting of michael brown. local business owners are pointing to the fears. one gone store owner saying we're selling everything that's not nailed down. protests and rallies have continued throughout this week ahead of that grand jury decision. tensions now so high, the governor declared a state of emergency yesterday. the managing editor at the st. louis american. chris, thank you so much for sharing your coverage of this. we just got the information from
10:16 am
our partners. they found this on the online forum. we think it's revealing. if you do not have a gun, get one and get one soon. it will be your responsibility to protect your family. our gutless commanders and politicians have neutered us, i'm serious, get a gun, get more than one and keep one with you at all times. so with that kind of talk, at least in the atmosphere there in certain quarters, what's being done to keep violence from breaking out. >> first of all, don't watch cop talk it's a bunch of cops popping off about nothing. organizers have organized plenty of pre-protest for participation and direct action. there's been a lot of preparation on the protesters' side. and the police, i have good intelligence sources and they're working hard to see who is
10:17 am
violence that might come. who is violent. and then you've got police officers saying crazy stuff like that on the internet. >> let's talk about what governor nixon is doing to handle this. there's a state of emergency, as we mentioned, in place at this moment. the governor's also naming 16 people to an independent ferguson commission that's supposed to begin a healing process in this community. any of those moves working in your view? >> not yet. the state of emergency was very poorly handled. the word emergency's very alarming, especially when you're in ferguson and st. louis, there's no emergency. there is an emergency in buffalo right now, but there's not one in ferguson or st. louis. he should've handled that differently. as for the commission, i have mixed feelings about the commission. the st. louis american was offered to host a commission and we ended up declining. the mayor and the county executive both considered a commission. the white house was considering a ferguson can commission.
10:18 am
usually commissions get what they ask for. and what he's asking for is the study of disparities. we already have those studies. and what we need is action. whether or not this governor can lead meaningful action that benefits the black community remains to be seen. >> all right, thank you so much, chris king for that, managing editor of the "st. louis american." still ahead, a nation bracing as we mentioned for presidential action on immigration reform. now due for a formal announcement tomorrow night. in the midst of this, we take you on the ground to the human side of this fight. part ii of my series from the arizona border. and today, a tough subject. the ways immigrants face death on that border and the controversial programs now being deployed to save them. >> you can hear them. i can see them and you can hear their voice how he comes alive when the rescue is ongoing.
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but it's always about the very thing we do best. ameriprise asked people a simple question:
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10:27 am
is, why couldn't you wait and see what this new congress does, give them some time, not a deadline, but some time, you'll know whether they're going to be able to move forward, or not. you don't have to set a timetable and see then, but obviously that's not going to be the case. >> that interview taped before we learned what the president will announce his executive action tomorrow. but it does sum up the opposition. on the other side, homeland security secretary jay johnson defended his boss's decision to act on his own. take a listen to that. >> i'll say one thing about executive actions. i do not want and will not get out ahead of the president and the announcement he will make in the coming days. i will say this, as the president has said many times, legislative action is always preferable. but we waited now for years for the congress to act and the congress has not acted.
10:28 am
>> this topic likely to be at the top of many agendas at big dueling political meetings today. one, the republican governor's association. the other, the center for american process. perry bacon joins me from that event. kasie hunt in florida at the other, that meeting of the rga. i want to get both of your takes in realtime right now as people are reacting to this news of the executive action. perry, first up on your end, a new nbc news "wall street journal" poll showing americans disapprove of the president taking to this executive action as a margin of 48 to 38. it breaks down with the approval of some 60% of democrats. does that mirror the reaction you're hearing there? >> i think probably 100% here. we're at the center for american progress. this is a think tank with very close ties to the administrat n administration, and they've been urging obama since 2010 to start using his executive power more.
10:29 am
the founder of this think tank is speaking in a few minutes here. he's been a big advocate of using executive action on things like climate and immigration. so very supportive of what obama's doing tomorrow. >> so both in the national reaction and the realtime reaction there in the room, obviously, democrats falling out that way. i want to get the other side of this reaction. kasie, what are you hearing there? >> hey, ronan, i've spoken to several republican governors over the course of the morning and i would say that the chorus is pretty universal in opposition to particularly president obama taking this action at all. i spoke to scott walker of wisconsin earlier today, if you want to take a listen to what he had to say on this. >> the president talked years ago about the audacity of hope and power grab. it's a clear separation of powers. >> as you can see there -- >> i'm sorry, ronan. >> go ahead, please. >> i was just going to say, as you can see, they're seizing
10:30 am
very much on the way in which the president went about doing this. i will say it's a little tougher when you start to get into the policy implications of this whether or not they would want to reverse something like this, what to actually do with those millions of people who are here. >> so a little taste of the republican reaction there. and perry, i wanted to get your reaction to that. when democrats there look at the opposition and the way it's mounting. we heard that scott walker clip. what is the plan on the table. what are you hearing in terms of specifics of their agenda to rally around this. >> their view is that this is a move that's going to rally the base a lot. the view here is that in part, the 2014 midterms were about the base not being excited enough. and things like the president opposing keystone. the keystone vote failing, things like the president doing more on executive action. this executive action on immigration specifically. the view is here this is going to help rally the base. this shows obama's not a lame
10:31 am
duck like a lot of us have said he is. people are excited about seeing him and think that reenergizes the base by showing the president is acting and not waiting for his time to end. >> and kasie, what are the legislative specifics being talked about there in the rooms as the rga meets as a rebuttal to this. they're saying they want a chance to act. what would that look like from what you're hearing? >> well, i think, you've got two different conversations. this is a gathering of governors. so a lot of these governors have talked about how to accommodate immigrants in their own home states. i think that the congressional conversation is the one that probably matters more in the scheme of things. and congress right now is going to have to grapple with how do they, first of all, fund the government through december 11th? so the president went ahead and did this before the deadline was up. there are some questions about how far republicans are willing to go to try and stop this. it's also a longer conversation.
10:32 am
you have heard republicans say -- republicans in leadership, anyway, say this is absolutely a conversation the country has to have now. and they, you know, as much as democrats do, they want some credit for making changes to the immigration laws because they know as well as anyone that the hispanic voters are an absolutely key voting block. and in the long run, the republican party is going to have to figure out how to talk to and win over more of those voters than they did in '12 and 2008. >> are you expecting anyone to make news there in terms of specific proposals followed by this move by the president? >> i mean, at this point, ronan, we're expecting a press conference with chris christie actually just here in about an hour or so and then afterwards, we'll have a panel moderated by chuck todd with many of these governors who are considering running for president in 2016. i'm sure we can look to see what chuck will ask those governors in the coming hours. >> and perry, on your end, what are the big news makers in the
10:33 am
mix? >> elizabeth warren and bill de blasio are going to speak here. you'll get a sense of the populous part of the democratic party and what they think -- essentially laying out, what are the ideas for the future of the party. particularly on the idea of income inequality and wage stagnation. >> perry bacon, thank you for that update and thank you to you, kasie hunt, as well. you can watch a lot more of chris matthews' interview we played sound of earlier with senator john mccain on "hardball" at 7:00. don't miss it. and on immigration and this thorny question of what to do in the midst of this fight. here's something of a side issue, but it's actually one of the rare areas that's getting bipartisan support and it could impact a whole lot of lives. for this week's call to action, we are writing to the governors out of these highlighted states. at this point refusing to expand medicaid programs to dreamers. 20 other states have already done it. we want you to sign the letter
10:34 am
to encourage these states to follow suit, expanding those programs to cover dreamers with health care. head to our website for all the details on how you can weigh in. as we said, one of the few areas at this point in the midst of an all-out fight where republicans and democrats are behind a similar goal. let's get this moving. all right. well, on another fight, in another big news maker in washington, the republicans are preparing for a lawsuit. you remember this news, against president obama. it's rearing its head again with this update. jonathan turley being announced as the lawyer who will represent house republicans in that fight against the affordable care act. that's the peg for it. but the broader issue here is executive action and what the overreach of executive power is. an expert on that subject, a frequent political commentator, including on this air. he wrote in his blog, i support national health care and voted for president obama in his first presidential campaign.
10:35 am
however, as i have often stressed before congress, in the madisonian system, it's as important how you do something as what you do. pete williams is following this interestingish here and sort of a thorny legal academic question coming into the mainstream. pete, i want to get your take. is there a strong case here that in delaying the employer mandate, the president did in the letter of the law overreach the bounds of executive power? >> the problem with these lawsuits. if you had asked jonathan turly over the summer who should you bet on when congress sues the president, he would've said as, indeed, he has said always bet with the president. the courts tend not to -- congress tends not to win when it -- for a couple of reasons. one is the courts hate to referee these disputes between the political branches. they consider these largely political and not legal questions. and secondly, there's this problem of what the courts call standing. the right to raise these questions.
10:36 am
and have narrowed down who gets to sue. it's not enough to say i don't like this. it's not enough for congress to say we disagree. the courts have to say that in order to sue a party has to show a concrete particularized inj y injury. now, the argument will be from the house, well, we're defending the right of the congress to be supreme in passing laws, the executive can't do that, it's a violation of separation of powers. >> they're setting all the way back to '70s precedents to justify that case for lawmakers having standing, correct? >> and the problem, one of the problems here that legal academics will point out is that the house is not a continuing institution like the senate. there's always an overlap. a third of the senate being elected at any time. the house comes to an end. that house is over and you get a new house. the only thing that the current house could sue for is injury to laws that the current house passed, which, of course, wouldn't be immigration laws. that's another thing that has to
10:37 am
be resolved. >> fascinating issue here on a legal front. with potentially really, really big implications for the country if they're able to prevail in that standing argument and sue the president on this. we'll be watching and you will, too. thank you for that. >> you bet. senate democrats block the keystone pipeline and former minnesota governor, the one and only jesse ventura has a forceful reaction that caught our eye. we'll be asking for his reaction, as well, to the president's plans on executive action on immigration. all that right after this break. but first, before we go, check out another image from the massive snowstorm happening right now in upstate new york. so much snow in new york that it burst through a window. my team cannot get enough of these crazy snow pictures. brace for more. we'll be right back. returns and fewer choices in retirement. know that proper allocation could help increase returns so you can enjoy that second home sooner.
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10:41 am
bill to be quickly resurrected. >> this will be an early item on the agenda in the next congress. and i'm very confident that senator hogan's bill will succeed and we'll be able to get it down to the president. >> mitch mcconnell kicking off those calls for a resurrection early after last night, the bill fell one vote short of the 68 needed to pass the senate. 14 democrats joined all 45 republicans in voting for the pipeline, 59-41. >> there's no blame. there's only joy in the fight. where i come from, we just never talk about quitting. >> an interesting and unexpected voice on this, jesse ventura, host of "off the grid." thanks for coming back on the program, sir. governor, before we get into this keystone vote, and i know you've got a strong take on this, which i'm fascinated to hear. i want to get your reaction to the executive action on immigration that the president is now starting to rollout. >> well, you know, it's
10:42 am
interesting because it's whoever doesn't have the presidency always cries foul on executive orders. i believe ronald reagan and george bush both republicans signed executive orders dealing with immigration during their times in office. so it's nothing new. now, if they're saying the president's going too far or whatever it might be, that's the system and then they need to correct the system in some manner, but that'll take time to do so in which to do it. but it's all political to me. because one side cries foul and the other side doesn't. they're hypocrites, when they do it, it's perfectly fine. >> well, one thing's for sure, this fight is nowhere near ending on immigration. but on this keystone vote, you as a former state official have navigated some of these thorny economic versus environmental issues. what's your reaction to this vote. >> well, i'm -- i hope it fails because the first thing for me is why aren't we leading forward
10:43 am
in alternative energy? the united states doesn't lead anymore, we follow. we should be the country that gets -- that is looking beyond old oil and looking to alternative energy methods and be going out and getting them. oil, why do they need a pipeline from canada to the gulf? well, because british columbia wouldn't allow it. there's plenty of oil in the gulf. talk to british petroleum, they spilled a bunch down there. it's only being taken down there so they can put it on ships and sell it throughout the world. be it china or whoever the highest bidders and buyers are. we -- now, let's look at it from a security standpoint. isn't this a natural target? they've got us all living in fear that terrorism's going to get us and there's a terrorist behind every tree. well, wouldn't this be a natural target? this big old pipeline of oil that is allegedly going to dissect our whole country? things to think about, aren't they? >> they are definitely things to think about. one interesting point is this
10:44 am
has as a potential diversion from the push of alternative energy sources, when you look at the political landscape right now, what are the strongest voices actually calling for that kind of an investment in alternative energy on either side of the aisle? >> i don't. because they're all bought and sold by the powers to be, the big corporate donors. that's why i've always said the point, the only way you're going to get true change in this country is to stop voting for democrats and republicans. but good luck. i did it with great pride this year. but they're going to who pays the freight for them. they talk about this creating jobs. yeah, it'll create temporary jobs building it. then where are the jobs? the security to protect it. and is that going to fall on the united states of america to protect this pipeline so the oil companies can profit from it? or will the oil companies provide their own protection and security through the hiring of blackwater and things like that. their own security.
10:45 am
who knows all this stuff. they want to build this. i say, let's quit fighting for oil in the middle east and take all that money and start developing technology that can take us into the future and wean us off oil. >> and governor, i think whatever people at home think of keystone, that message of corporate interest buying and selling a lot of these issues is something resinating with a lot of people right now. jesse ventura, fascinating to get your take on this. >> thank you, ronan. >> thank you. >> part two of my series on the arizona border. you won't want to miss this one. today, the controversial use of force by agents and the efforts being made to keep desperate illegal immigrants a i live. a lot of controversy on this one as the president gears up for his announcement. don't go away.
10:46 am
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10:48 am
president obama has just begun to roll out his moves on immigration reform. that new facebook video and a prime time address tomorrow.
10:49 am
those moves will be watched closely across the country and in washington. but they're also going to be watched by the thousands of undocumented immigrants that cross into the united states every single year. those border crossers face off against heat and dehydration while caught between violent cartels and armed u.s. agents. the u.s. border patrol and got a firsthand look. >> just because a person is breaking the law by entering the united states doesn't mean it should be a death sentence. >> hundreds of miles of searing desert heat, extreme terrain and isolation. crossing is a desperate gamble hundreds take every year from needy families to criminal drug smuggle smugglers. and for hundreds every year, a death sentence is exactly what that means. >> you can die out here very easily. if you run out of water and
10:50 am
you're out here on a hot summer day, you can die within a very short period of time. your body's going to dehydrate, your internal organs are going to shut down, and you're goingd. dehydration is one of the absolute worse ways that you can die from a physical standpoint. the other piece of that is that if you die out here on the desert, your body may go undiscovered forever. your family may not ever know what happened to you. your friends may not ever know what happened to you. they just know that you disappeared somewhere along the way. >> reporter: too often agents come face to face with that reality. >> everyone says that it's a life-changing experience to find someone who lost their life trying to come into the u.s. it's a very sobering fact that death is a reality here along the border. the cartels that are bringing people in are callous and just after the paycheck. for them, the life isn't a human life.
10:51 am
it's just a dollar sign. so, they don't have any qualms about leaving that person out there. >> reporter: but some say it's not just smugglers taking lives. rights groups document alarming cases of death from border agents using excessive force. >> the use of force by border patrol agents is an enormous problem. there's not transparency and not accountability, and so what happens is they're using force, often deadly force, and they're not being held accountable. >> reporter: agents here told us using force is sometimes necessary. how often have you had to use force? >> almost every time i'm involved in an arrest. if it's -- force is something to be used obviously when the situation is -- if i, what we call jump a group or make an arrest, it's 20, 30 people, we need to maintain control of that situation, so we're coming in
10:52 am
hard, precise and direct. our orders, our commands. >> reporter: excessive force isn't something the border patrol wanted to talk about. what about fatalities from use of force. since 2010. >> well, we're out here today to talk about fobs. the use of force stuff i can talk about generically, but i will address that on interview today. >> reporter: but agent peter did say it's an issue the border patrol is working on. >> first off, making use of force more transparent, which cdp has moved in that direction by taking use of force manual, making it public, looking at, okay, is this something we can do better? can we do better through our use of force policy in a way that's going to better protect not only the agent but also better protect the people the agent's interacting with. >> reporter: and agents are doubling down on other areas of improvement, including the race to save lives. with an invaded system to help
10:53 am
stranded migrants before it's too late. they call them rescue beacons. you said they put the beacons into effect after a particularly large number of people had died. >> right. >> reporter: how can this stop that? >> so, what we've done with the rescue beacons is we have retrofitted all of these. we have a blue light up at the top. we call it the blue light of life. it's a high intensity l.e.d. light. it can be seen for up to ten miles away at night. and it offers people that beacon of hope out here in the desert. you can see if you come up to the beacon, can you actually push the button on the beacon. that will send a radio signal out to sector headquarters. >> reporter: 32 beacons carefully dispersed over more than 6,000 square miles of desert in the tucson bored sector. >> we took a look at what we call the rescue map, plotted on there where the majority of our rescues were taking place and where the majority of, you know, plotted out all the spots where
10:54 am
we had found people who had passed away out here. >> reporter: one tower, 14 miles off the mesko border is positioned on a deadly stretch of dirt road that locals call the devil's highway. >> we're out here. on this rescue beacon, signage in english, spanish, and in tahono. we also have a pichtogram if someone cannot read these languages or if they're illiterate. >> reporter: spending the benefits these undocumented immigrants is controversial, in arizona and beyond. >> the president won't use what he has now to enforce the law. and so we want to give him more to, what, not enforce the law more? >> reporter: others say protecting my grants exacerbates the problem. >> children, a thousand miles from their parents, they're vulnerable and afraid. they're drawn here by rumors of
10:55 am
amnesty. >> reporter: agents are working to deter migrants. getting out word with psas south of the border. for border crossers that don't heed that warning, agents say they're still worth saving. >> from an agent perspective, when it comes to saving a life and nobody wants to see anyone die out in the desert, and that's the most important thing for us. >> reporter: just this fall, a sign that the experiment may be paying off. the u.s. government recorded 307 deaths in the 2014 fiscal year ending in september. that's a sharp decline from last year. and the lowest number in more than a decade. for some agents, that's all that matters. >> the most important thing for us is being out there, making sure that, first off, that the border is secure. secondly, that no one is losing their life just because they want to come illegally into the united states. it shouldn't be a guest to
10:56 am
cross. >> thanks for the border patrol for their service and time, as well as to the aclu's perspective on this. as the nation reacts to the president's move on immigration, we'll continue to look at the stakes of this fight on the ground. on friday, the day after the president's announcement, we look at the legal challenges migrants face after they were detained by u.s. border patrol officials and thrust into what one advocacy group described to me as a black hole of legal rights. don't miss that right here on "r.f. daily." thank you for joining me. it's a real privilege to share this time with you on a big news day like this. up next, my colleague, joy reid, has "the reid report" with continuing coverage of the reaction to this immigration news. keep it right here, everybody. then there's trusting your vehicle maintenance to ford service confidence. our expertise, technology, and high quality parts means your peace of mind. it's no wonder last year we sold over three million tires.
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11:00 am
page, president obama announced he will speak tomorrow night at 8 p.m. from the oval office and unveil his executive order on immigration. take a listen. >> everybody agrees that our immigration system is broken. unfortunately, washington has allowed the problem to fester for too long. and so what i'm going to be laying out is the stuff that i can do with my lawful authority as president to make the system work better, even as i continue to work with congress and encourage them to get a bipartisan, comprehensive bill that can solve the entire problem. >> nbc senior white house correspondent chris jansing is live at the white house. there's been a lot of speculation from republicans about what might be in this executive order. do we have any sense of specifically what the white house will announce, what the president will announce? >> reporter: we know the white house is going to brief key democrats tonight. they've been invited to dinner here at the white house. harry


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